Dance Lessons

Whether your goal is simply to learn the basic figures so that you can enjoy dancing to the Smooth or Latin rhythms… or to impress your guests with your first wedding reception dance… or to win gold at prestigious dance competitions… We can help you to realize your objectives.

Private Lessons

Students wishing to progress more quickly or reach a higher level of proficiency in their ballroom dancing may want to individually tailored instruction that private lessons provide. These lessons are available by appointment for singles or couples. Students are never required to purchase contracts. There is no sales pressure. Our emphasis is on a fun approach to learning at your own pace.

Group Classes

Our Studio offers group classes in all levels and styles of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Nightclub dancing. There are classes to meet the needs of just about anybody, from the beginning social dancer to advanced competitors. The Assorted Ballroom classes teach a different dance each week. Students will quickly master the basic steps in the most popular rhythms that are played at weddings and social functions. We also offer classes that concentrate on one dance for a number of weeks, where more figures and technique can be covered. These classes are offered at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in the American style dancing. There is no need to bring a partner to our classes.

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